Why Ostkreuz?
3. February 2021

Why Ostkreuz?

We decided on this location for our offices because our Ostkreuz Campus lies right between three attractive quarters in Berlin: between Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and very close to Berlin-Mitte. Ostkreuz train station, with the greatest number of connections in Berlin, is also close at hand. This convinced us that the Ostkreuz Campus is really in the right place. That is somewhere users can travel to by bicycle or foot and where they have the best connections for local public transport. On top of that, there is a very good link to the BER airport. The site is thus ideal for all companies which are growing strongly, expanding and are looking for somewhere new.

The location offers a high dynamic, even if the site is one of the “lost places” of the capital, a blind spot on the map, which remains to be discovered. The Ostkreuz Campus will enrich the neighbourhood as an impulse driver, not just by its buildings. Space will be made for all through open structures and open spaces, which will create new perspectives on and for the neighbourhood. For the individual user, loggias and rooftop terraces offer free spaces, which support open thinking and working.

As pioneers, we want to target companies who have modern demands for a newly built property, which can be implemented in our Campus. Areas for individual and flexible concepts are on offer here that will particularly attract and bring in young and dynamic firms. This is underlined by the completely open and attractive architecture. The lobby and working areas create a feeling of well-being, which captures the spirit of New Work and makes the work place a magnet for employees. We offer customised options – thanks to the enormous flexibility of the work space, there are no limits to the office. Thus the potential for identification and encounters at the work place and through daily activities is created. A new form of team spirit is promoted by the design of community areas – both inside and outside with lounge areas and rooftop terraces, as well as working spaces. We have set ourselves the goal of creating an atmosphere that perfectly carries over functional elements into someone’s private and working life. Colours, surfaces and textures mirror the demands on these creative places.

The Ostkreuz Campus will bring about a renovation of the city; the neighbourhood will come alive and put itself on display to be discovered in its entirety. With our working world we are offering something to the neighbourhood which will benefit from a new clientele which feels at home here. Thus a gap between Mediaspree and the Ostkreuz station, with the many people who are on the move there, will be closed.

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