Laying the foundations for the Ostkreuz Campus
4. February 2021

Laying the foundations for the Ostkreuz Campus

A new beginning: passers-by can see something new is coming to the Ostkreuz Campus. The chic site fence doesn’t just delimit the site on Persiusstraße and around the corner on the Bödickerstraße, it also depicts the coming changes as it is decorated with images of the future office space.

The garage still stands, but the flag poles no longer carry logos, but the names of the future office buildings PANDION POLLUX and PANDION ZINC. The grounds have been enclosed by a chic site fence, which speaks to the qualities that will be on display here in the future. The large illustrations of the designs of the buildings and their interiors give you a look at the new worlds of work that will move in here.
We are convinced, that the two buildings and their tenants will give fresh impetus to the area. The location also promises its future users outstanding travel connections and access by foot to Berlin’s waterfront via two paths. One draws you eastwards to the Rummelsburger Bucht with its special Berlin charm, the other leads you south, where it is not far to the Mediaspree and the open spaces on the waterfront with a view of the Molecule Man.

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