Why are we building offices here?
24. February 2021

Why are we building offices here?

Plenty of space for creativity, modern work spaces and meetings: the Ostkreuz Campus is turning into an inspiring place to work. But why are we exclusivly building offices in this urban environment, why not apartments instead?

The legal requirements for this location do not allow it. It is not possible to built apartments here, only buildings for office and commercial use. The development plan, which is currently being drawn up, does not include residential development because of nearby railway tracks and the use of a sports field. At the same time, the district has a strong interest in maintaining commercial use at this location because businesses in other locations in the district are threatened with displacement. According to the city planners, the surrounding areas – such as railway facilities and adjacent sports fields – offer an ideal setting for offices and commerce.

We will further enhance the quality of this location and exploit its potential: We are building the Ostkreuz Campus here. This includes the office buildings PANDION POLLUX and PANDION ZINC, both six floors high, designed by the architectural firms kadawittfeldarchitektur and Collignon Architektur und Design. Their designs are highlights; the architecture itself will make the site more attractive and urban, both visually and spatially. And redefine it by building an office location here with extremely flexible spaces, free spaces for creative thinking, modern design and a good work-life balance. In the future, the location will be augmented by another office building, which we are currently planning. With our Ostkreuz Campus, we are continuing the urban development of recent years.

Metropolises that grow must always strive for a balanced diversity of uses. This includes the Friedrichshain mix: living and working in an attractive, urban and inspiring environment. By the way, we can already see this mix is already being lived out around the Ostkreuz Campus. We are not an isolated office location – residential and commercial areas are harmoniously represented side by side here. In the neighbourhood are the residential buildings in the established Rudolf-Kiez. Rummelsburger Bucht is also only a stone’s throw away – a paradigm of urban living by the water.

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