Outdoor lounge areas
4. November 2021

Outdoor lounge areas

Nature and fresh air are known to reduce stress levels and provide more ideas, concentration and fitness. The landscape concept of the Ostkreuz Campus therefore considers openness, connectedness and accessibility as characteristics of the modern office typology. The open space design provides for a wide variety of work and relaxation possibilities and at the same time for a lively networking with the office building and the neighbourhood.
The office ensemble has a main entrance on Persiusstrasse, as well as two further passages and a barrier-free ramp along Bödikerstrasse. The access routes in the exterior and interior are clearly defined and thus create several nodes and meeting points. At the same time, the exterior design creates private as well as communal areas. The varied design of the inner courtyard with different areas to stay characterises it as a communicative place. In this way, the planned working concept is consistently continued in the building. It is divided into planted areas with seating and umbrellas as well as gastronomic areas. Various elements such as bench bars, seating niches and work tables point to the work zones; all individual or group spaces are equipped with W-Lan and electricity. Additional terrace areas and extensive greenery are provided on the roofs of the commercial building. They create a further harmonious connection between outside and inside, between landscape and architecture.
In addition to the creation of high-quality recreational areas, the focal point of the design is the structuring of the space through planting areas with strong character. These are dominated by various tree species that characterise the space. This creates an interweaving of nature, urbanity, retreat and productivity. Different aspects of everyday working life are presented here as dynamic and flowing configurations that offer and advance flexible forms of working in the outdoor space.

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