A garage turns into a gallery
26. November 2020

A garage turns into a gallery

After commuting for some 3 years between Paris and Berlin, the Parisian urban artist Catherine Lupis Thomas slowly but surely fell in love with the German capital. Constantly on the search for unusual locations, she loves travelling around the city on foot or by bike. While doing so, she sees and photographs things that touch her and she plays with her urban surroundings.
In October 2020, the artist was inspired by the raw charm of the former garage at the Ostkreuz Campus. Here she dove deep into the life, hard work and daily routine of the mechanics who worked head down on the motors. The typical garage odours, the oil patches on the floor and the sunlight which penetrated the dirty windows, followed Catherine as she put up excerpts from advertising posters and newspapers onto the walls of the workshop. Layer by layer she created a surreal fantasy world with her art, which opens up really unusual perspectives. Catherine’s works of art cannot be made open to the public due to the coronavirus restrictions, but can be found here in a 3D visualisation.

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Picture: Catherine Lupis Thomas Ostkreuz Campus Werkstatt
© VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2020

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