Brush and ink instead of wrench and varnish.
4. December 2020

Brush and ink instead of wrench and varnish.

Graffiti was his thing, even in primary school. Inspired by the master-class students at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, his focus moved from the spray can to the paintbrush. Born in Potsdam in 1999, Jonas Liesaus has been studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig for two years. In 2018, Jonas celebrated his first solo exhibition titled “Encounter” in a former car rental workshop in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The visitors’ encounters with his pictures were so successful that his works were promptly sold out.
But then the first lockdown came in Spring 2020. The academy closed down so Jonas lost his studio. Happily for mankind, nature is open 24/7. Jonas watched what played out between tree and field and used the summer to prepare for his intermediate exams. Then the next lockdown came in Autumn 2020. Jonas didn’t throw in the towel, but discovered the next former workshop at the Berlin Ostkreuz Campus. Inspired by its architecure, he used the enforced quiet time amongst other things for two large format ink works and collages.
The tension in the air due to the exceptional circumstances is shown in his work. Various pictorial elements in his compositions are in conflict with each other and create a tense relationship between stability and instability. Jonas’ pictures were exhibited in the former workshop on the Ostkreuz Campus but due to coronavirus restrictions, they could not be viewed live and in full colour. Therefore they were captured in a 3D visualisation and can be seen here.

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