Dream World – The Experiment
7. January 2021

Dream World – The Experiment

The fact that emptiness does not mean stagnation, and wasteland can be multicoloured was shown in December 2019 on the grounds of the future Ostkreuz Campus when “Dream World – The Experiment” arrived on the premises of a former garage. The name refers to the programme and the creators of an immersive theatre project dedicted to lucid dreaming. The art organisation “Dream World” invites everyone who trusts themselves to allow a new form of art to impact them.

The English language narration links personal interactions with images and art installations.
“We are bringing an art form to Berlin, which is more fun than going to a bar and more personal is than just sitting in a cinema. We want to bring people together and awaken a feeling for play and wonder. Our aim is to display new and immersive art in Berlin”, said the initiators.

People are looking for works of art which can be individually experienced and for new forms of diverse art exhibitions. Here a transformative cocoon was created by an interactive installation with simultaneous performances on the subject of dreams. A personal experience is provided – in three dimensions and using all the senses. The distance from the artwork has been overcome by direct movement in and use of the whole room. The abolition of the “fourth wall” inspires not just observation but also participation – according to the degree of curiousity and trust.

Gone almost as soon as it opened

By the end of 2019, the greatly respected art project “Dream World” – whose temporary home was the Off-Area in Friedrichshain – thrilled Berlin’s public and was celebrated as “the best drug trip without drugs”. After just three weeks, the artistic experience was over and was uninstalled.
Always intended to be temporary, the event was followed by demolition work in preparation for the construction of PANDION ZINC and PANDION POLLUX.

Kaum eröffnet, schon wieder vorbei

„Dream World“ hatte auf dem Off-Areal in Friedrichshain eine temporare Heimat gefunden. Das vielbeachtete Kunstprojekt begeisterte Ende des Jahres 2019 die Berliner Öffentlichkeit und wurde als „bester Drogen-Trip ohne Drogen“ gefeiert, Nach knapp drei Wochen war das Kunsterlebnis vorüber und wurde deinstalliert. Von vorneherein als sogenannte „Zwischennutzung“ angelegt, begannen nach dem Event auf dem Gelände die Abrissarbeiten für die Errichtung der Gewerbeobjekte PANDION ZINC und PANDION POLLUX.

Temporary Dream World

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